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Wicked Wiring Warnings

Power Strip TimerIs it time for a home electric inspection? Our homes are a lot like us. They age just like we do. They begin to creak and moan. They begin to show their age. They, like us, have aging systems, some that can be seen and some that cannot. Just as we need to get checkups from time to time, our homes also need checkups. When it comes to the electrical system in our homes it is important to contact a qualified electrician if you experience any of the following:

  • Circuits trip or fuses blow frequently.
  • You get a shock when you touch an electronic or outlet.
  • Outlets are warm to touch.
  • Appliances shut off when you turn on a light.
  • Lights flicker.
  • Burning smell or popping or sizzling sound coming from electronics.

Electric problems can cause fires and serious or fatal electric shocks. You should take electric problems seriously and take action immediately. An electrician may let you know you have one of the following problems.

Electric Overload— If you have an older home, it may not be up to the electric demands of today’s appliances. If the electric system in your home becomes overloaded it can cause shocks or a fire. You may need an electrician to update your wiring, or your electric service.

Short Circuits—A short circuit happens when electricity leaks out of the path wires set for it. This often happens when insulation deteriorates or is damaged. A short circuit can cause an electric arc, which could in turn start a fire.

Ground Fault—A ground fault is similar to a short circuit, in that electricity has gone off path. In a ground fault, the electricity is not leaking aimlessly. It is headed places, and that place is the ground. Electricity will get to the ground the quickest way possible, even if that means traveling through a human body. An electrician can install ground fault circuit interrupters, which detect and prevent these situations. You should have GFCIs anywhere water and electricity could meet, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

A qualified electrician can tell you more about electric hazards, and provide solutions specific to your home.