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Appliance Safety

Has your appliance become a hazard?

Crock Pot
Safety and environmental considerations must be taken into account when disposing of old electrical household appliances. Computers, televisions, stereos, refrigerators, water heaters, and many other smaller electrical appliances are wonderful life-enhancing conveniences. But when the time comes to replace and dispose of them, they can become a dangerous nuisance and hazard if not discarded properly. Unfortunately, many second-hand unsafe appliances wind up in other people’s homes as electrical shock or fire hazards, or illegally dumped in ditches, back alleys, vacant lots or other places where they become serious safety and environmental hazards. Safe Electricity warns people to never attempt to use a malfunctioning or previously discarded electric appliance, and to beware of old appliances sold in flea markets and garage sales. Such appliances may pose a fire or electrocution hazard, and may be no ‘bargain’ in the long run. Managing the safe disposal of the vast amount of electrical appliances that wear out, become obsolete or damaged can be a Read More