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Holiday Safety

Add Safety to Your Holiday Traditions

Holiday Lights
For millions of people every year, the holiday season comes with traditions of festive lights and decorations, extraordinary foods and lavish parties. Add an extra measure of caring to your time-honored traditions. Make a point to take care of yourself and those you love by taking time to decorate safely—without skipping any safety steps. Shawn Miller knows firsthand how important every safety step is and how quickly this holiday activity can turn tragic. Each year, he would help his mother decorate her yard, and each year, the display grew as she added another area. That year, she decided to light the large trees in the far front. As Shawn tossed lights up into the trees, they came in contact with overhead power lines and he received a high voltage shock. He was hospitalized for months, went through numerous surgeries and lost his dominant hand. Miller and Safe Electricity urge everyone to follow these precautions: When decorating outside, look up and Read More