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Space Heaters

If using a space heater to take the chill off, do so safely.

Space Heater
Electric space heaters can help quickly warm a room. However, they can be as dangerous as convenient if used improperly. Safe Electricity urges everyone in the home to understand the importance of using space heaters safely: Purchase only space heaters that have been safety tested and UL approved. Make sure the unit is equipped with an emergency tip-over shut-off feature and heating element guards. Read and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and care. Before using a space heater, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition. Check to make sure the heater is clean and in good condition, and have all problems professionally repaired. Place the heater out of high-traffic areas and on a level, hard, non-flammable floor surface—NOT on carpets, furniture or countertops. Space heaters have one purpose —to provide supplemental heating. Never use them to thaw pipes, cook food, or dry clothing or towels. Remember to keep space heaters at Read More