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Storm Preparedness

Prepare a storm kit to help you get through a power outage.

Home Storm Preparation
[wpfa icon="play-circle-o"] Video Getting Through Until Power Gets Restored to You Severe storms are devastating to homes, properties, and lives. These storms can also take down power lines—creating a dangerous situation for all of us, including the linemen and linewomen working hard to get your power turned back on. How long it takes to get your power restored depends on the extent of the storm’s destruction, the number of outages, and when it becomes safe for utility personnel to get to the damaged areas. There are many steps in the assessment and restoration process—clearing downed power lines; ensuring public health and safety facilities are operational; checking power stations and transformers; repairing transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines; and getting power restored to customers within the various damaged areas. Be sure to contact your electric utility immediately to report the outage. Safe Electricity and its members want you to know how to stay safe and get through until power can be Read More