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Video/Radio PSAs

Safe Electricity has produced hundreds of public service announcements for radio and television, and the video PSAs are also suitable for web use. They cover dozens of issues reflected on this website, and are available generally in :30 and :60 formats, with a few in :15 formats and several have room for audio tags.  In addition to issue-focused spots, several feature personal experiences with incidents in these areas:

  • Auto Accidents and Downed Power Lines
  • Digging and Underground Utilities
  • Electric Shock Drowning
  • Large Equipment and Overhead Power Lines
  • Overhead Power Lines – Working Around Home
  • Pad-mounted Transformers
  • School Bus Accidents with Power Lines
  • Storms and Downed Power Lines
  • Water and Electricity (GFCIs)

Broadcast quality versions are available on request to media outlets. Email info@SafeElectricity.org or call 217-546-6815.