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Electric Utility Membership

When you become an EEC-Safe Electricity member, your job becomes easier — and your consumers become more knowledgeable! From the award‐winning Safe Electricity® materials to numerous energy efficiency and youth resources, a wealth of communication tools awaits you.

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Utility membership cost is very affordable and is generally based on utility size. Our collaborative approach provides each utility member with a powerful multi-media safety and efficiency awareness and education program to add to their own efforts—all at a fraction of the cost to produce these materials independently. Join the hundreds of utilities who actively demonstrate their commitment to consumer education and empowerment through EEC. Membership entitles a utility to receive materials created and distributed throughout the year with timely, targeted safety and efficiency messages.

Consumer Safety

Most utilities say safety is their top priority but few have the time or resources to treat consumer safety the way it should be – and must be – to ensure everyone knows how to stay safe around electricity. Not only is the exposure great, but utility consumers are also friends, neighbors and members of the community, people we want to protect.

Safety outreach and education fulfill that responsibility, convey concern about consumer well-being, and build credibility and loyalty while protecting the bottom line.

High quality personal stories share experiences learned from a variety of incidents, from residential, farm and contractor contact with utility equipment, to situations like auto accidents and downed power lines, lines down due to storms, padmount transformers and much more.

First Responder Safety

Utility professionals work closely with first responders when it comes to severe weather events, fires and accidents involving electricity. It is important to identify respective responsibilities and provide important electrical safety education and reminders to all those involved. Resources for first responders include video chapters (see next paragraph), a PowerPoint presentation and a handout. There are also short public tip videos suitable for social media and photos as part of the campaign.

First Responder Safety Campaign video – Available in a full-length version or by chapter, a firefighter/lineworker expert talks about several topics relevant to first responder safety. Chapter topics include Electrical Hazards, Downed Line Response, Overhead Power Line Hazards, Underground Electrical Hazards, Solar Energy, Pole and Grass Fires and Electric Vehicles. In emergencies, every second counts. Utilize this campaign to increase awareness about first responder safety.

The climate of safety extends beyond the workplace as well to all those served. EEC – Safe Electricity provides utility members numerous safety education resources for consumers—from indoor electrical safety to outdoor project safety to tree planting to water recreation safety. Learn more about becoming a member.

The payoff in safety is always worth the time invested. Staying safe is a continual process—because it only takes one distracted, unsafe second to lose your life.