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Parents, Caregivers Urged To Help Protect The Smallest Among Us

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Whether indoors or outdoors, Safe Electricity encourages families and caregivers to learn about electrical safety and to use that information to educate their youngsters about the threat of electric shock.

Make sure children understand the dangers of electricity. They should know to never play near power lines, power poles, substations, or transformers. They should also know to only use electronics properly inside the home, and avoid using electronics around water. Make sure they know outlets are not a toy, and it is dangerous to put anything other than an electric prong in an outlet.

Fortunately, you are not alone in keeping your children safe. Electrical safety devices are an important way to avoid the tragedies of contact with electricity. Safe Electricity recommends investing in the following measures to protect your loved ones:

Tamper Resistant Outlets- These outlets have built-in shutter systems that will not allow a single prong object, like a paper clip, to be plugged in. Unlike plastic outlet caps, the new outlets are permanent, automatic and reliable. They install just like standard outlets and are only slightly more expensive.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) – These devices are used in areas where electricity and water may meet, such as bathrooms, kitchens and garages. GFCIs stop the flow of electricity instantly if there is a problem, preventing electric shock GFCIs should be professionally installed, and you should test to make sure that they still work GFCIs should also be installed around hot tubs and pools. Your family should know that water and electricity is a dangerous combination. GFCIs should be professionally installed; your electrician can show you how to test your GFCI outlets to make sure they are still working.

Professional Electrical Inspections-A qualified electrician can make sure the wiring in your home is safe, and the electric service is adequate for your needs. Older homes are more likely to have electric problems that cause shocks and fires. An electrician can help you make updates to keep your home safe.

Electric hazards are also outdoors. Stay away from power lines, power poles, and other electric utility equipment. Be sure your loved ones know to do the same. Downed power poles and stray power lines can still be energized. Treat them as dangerous and stay far away.