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TLC Video-Lucas Story

Boating and swimming are very popular, and safety precautions like life jackets are a given for millions of families who take to the water.

So the Ritz family was stunned when their son Lucas was killed while swimming with his life jacket on and being closely supervised by his mother.

The danger could not be seen but was silently lurking in the water of the marina where Lucas and the kids were swimming. Electricity was leaking into the water from a boat plugged in to shore power. Lucas was killed when he swam into the energized water. Unfortunately, people are killed each year by what’s now known as electric shock drowning (ESD).

The Ritz family is working with Safe Electricity’s “Teach Learn Care TLC” campaign to help teach others from their tragic experience. They want others to learn how to avoid electric shock drowning and urge water enthusiasts not to swim in marinas or near docks with electrical service.

If you have a boat or dock, help prevent electrical accidents by inspecting and maintaining all electrical systems on or near the water.

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