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Work Site Extension Cord Safety

Keeping your work site safecords

Extension cord safety

Extension CordsWith the wide use of power tools on construction sites, flexible extension cords often are necessary. Due to the very reasons they are used, (exposed, flexible, and unsecured) they are more susceptible to damage than fixed wiring. Cords, cord connectors, receptacles, and cord- and plug-connected equipment should be properly used and maintained.

You can help keep you and your work site safe with these tips from Safe Electricity

  • Provide strain relief – To reduce hazards, flexible cords must connect to devices and to fittings in ways that prevent tension at joints and terminal screws. Flexible cords are finely stranded for flexibility, so straining a cord can cause the strands of one conductor to loosen from under terminal screws and touch another conductor.
  • Be aware of cord damage – A flexible cord may be damaged by door or window edges, staples and fastenings, abrasion from adjacent materials, or simply by aging. If the electrical conductors become exposed, there is a danger of shocks, burns, or fire.
  • Use durable cords – Use cords that are properly rated for your intended use.
  • Make sure of proper grounding – Extension cords must be 3-wire type so they may be grounded. This also grounds equipment and tools connected to them.
  • Do not use cords in wet conditions.