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Power lines make agriculture dangerous. Know how to farm with electrical safety


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“Highly recommend Safe Electricity membership. The program has great media to use in a variety of ways. The member resources are high quality and well thought out. This program enables us to easily promote safety with great resources that are readily available by simply logging onto their website. Thank you, Safe Electricity, for all the wonderful content. ”
-Lisa Jacobsen, Perennial Public Power District, NE

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The Cody Conrady story: Path to Ground and Power Line Awareness

Electricity can travel through anything in its path. On an average day in May, the area of the farm field where Cody Conrady was standing and the camlock he touched were only energized for a “split second or two.”

Unfortunately, Cody became the path to ground for 7,400 volts.

Cody and his wife, Bailey, share their experiences to increase awareness about power line safety. They recount what happened that day in May, as well as the ups and downs they faced in the months following the accident.

Learn from Cody’s story here.