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The Power to Make a Difference:

More than a thousand people are killed and tens of thousands injured each year in electrical accidents and fires.  The vast majority of electrical accidents can be prevented if people understand the dangers and steps they can take to be safe around electricity. EEC’s Safe Electricity program is a unified industry effort to promote electrical safety through comprehensive public outreach and education, thus reducing accidents and mitigating risk.

Safe Electricity’s strong commitment to energy awareness ranges from youth education to residential and business consumers and the energy industry that serves them. Safe Electricity members work collaboratively on the vital issues of electrical safety, energy efficiency, renewable energies, and youth education.

More than 500 electric utilities along with energy-related businesses, organizations, and educators take part of this endeavor as Safe Electricity members. Won’t you join us? Help Safe Electricity provide life-saving, energy-saving, and cost-saving information. Join us and help others.

Types of Membership:

“Safe Electricity offers a variety of great materials that help us in educating our members of all ages! If there’s material we’re needing they’re happy to develop those materials for us.”

-Jessie Heath, Highline Electric Association, CO

Testimonial Man

“Becoming a member of the Energy Education Council has given our cooperative many new resources to communicate the message of electrical safety to our members and the general public. The videos are professionally made with a personal touch that brings the electrical safety message to life.”

-John Spiess, San Bernard Electric Cooperative, TX

“The content provided by Safe Electricity has been very beneficial for our utility. We use the content for social media, customer newsletters, and the local newspaper.”

-Andrea McArthur, Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power, IN