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EEC Board Members

The EEC Board of Directors is composed of representatives from investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, and University of Illinois Extension. The Board is the primary forum for discussion, sharing and collaborating on vital issues, and provides input on developing program resources.

  • Jim Monk
    Jim Miles


    Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

  • Sharon Pluskis
    Sharon Pluskis

    Vice Chairperson


  • Rodd W.
    Rodd Whelpley


    Illinois Municipal Electric Agency

  • Dale Detmer
    Dale Detmer

    Immediate Past Chairperson

    City of Breese

  • Sam Adair
    Sam Adair

    Board Member

    Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative

  • Thomas Bruhl P.E.
    Thomas Bruhl P.E.

    Board Member

    City of St. Charles

  • Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia

    Board Member

    University of Illinois

  • Duane Friend
    Duane Friend

    Board Member

    University of Illinois Extension

  • Molly Hall
    Molly Hall

    Executive Director

    EEC-Safe Electricity

  • Paul Jakubczak
    Paul Jakubczak

    Board Member

    Fort Pierce Utilities Authority

  • Shelly Nickols-Richardson

    Associate Dean and Director of University of Illinois Extension and Outreach

    University of Illinois Extension

  • Corey Parr
    Corey Parr

    Board Member

    Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange

  • EEC Board Member, Sara
    Sara Reynolds

    Board Member

    Ameren Illinois

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson

    Board Member

    Adams Electric Cooperative

  • Sean Vanslyke
    Sean Vanslyke

    Board Member

    SEMO Electric Cooperative

  • Scott Wiseman
    Scott Wiseman

    Board Member

    Ameren Illinois