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Member Assembly


  • Allison Law

    Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives

    Managing Editor

  • Michael Sullins
    Michael Sullins

    Risk Manager - Compliance, Safety and Loss Control

    Cullman Electric Cooperative


  • Rob Roedel

    Communications Director

    Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

  • Tori Moss

    Marketing and Communications Director

    North Arkansas Electric Cooperative

  • Jon David Carmack

    Communication Coordinator

    Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation

  • Monty Williams

    Vice President of Marketing & Communications

    Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation


  • Andy Molt

    Member Service Manager

    Y-W Electric Association

  • Dave Henderson

    Director of External Affairs

    Morgan County Rural Electric Association

  • Mona Neeley

    Director of Publication

    Colorado Rural Electric Association/CO Country Life

  • Tammi McKenzie-Strickland

    Manager of Communications & PR

    Member Outreach Specialist

  • Alantha Garrison

    Energy Use Specialist

    Gunnison County Electric

  • Jessie Doleshall

    Member Services Specialist

    Highline Electric Association


  • Wayne Fiyalko

    Risk Manager

    Lee County Electric Cooperative


  • Glenn Cunningham

    Business Continuity Coordinator

    Diverse Power, Inc.

  • Carolyn Colyar

    Safety Communications Specialist

    Cobb EMC


  • Kelly Hamm

    Energy Services Manager

    McDonough Power Cooperative

  • Laura Bergman

    Communications Coordinator

    Adams Electric Cooperative

  • Valerie Cheatham

    Vice President of Communications/Asst. Editor

    Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

  • Peggy Francomb

    Manager of Communications & Marketing

    Jo-Carroll Energy


  • Nic Engle

    Communications Specialist

    Noble REMC & LaGrange

  • Heather Thompson

    Manager of Communications

    Hendricks Power Cooperative


  • Erin Campbell

    Communications Manager

    Iowa Assoc. of Electric Cooperatives

  • Kim Davis

    Director of Member Services & Public Relations

    Access Energy

  • Donna Griebel

    Communications and Photography Coordinator

    Central Iowa Power Cooperative

  • Gail Hull

    Member Services Manager

    Consumers Energy

  • Donna Kula

    Energy Advisor

    Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative

  • Janell Leinen

    Communications & Member Services

    Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative

  • Sarah Olson

    Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

    Prairie Energy Cooperative


  • Ann Fitzmorris

    Accounting/Benefits Administrator

    Radiant Electric Cooperative

  • Anna Foley

    Member Services Assistant

    Prairie Land Electric Cooperative

  • Mike Morley

    Corporate Communications Manager

    Midwest Energy, Inc.

  • Jackie Moore

    Communications Specialist

    Kansas Electric Cooperatives


  • Charles McAlpin

    Manager of Communications & Member Services

    Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative, Inc.


  • Renee Molyneux

    Administrative Services Manager

    Grand Haven Board of Light & Power


  • Tim O’Leary, Chair

    General Manager

    Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative

  • Deanna Lefebvre

    Member Services Representative

    Clearwater-Polk Electric Cooperative


  • Ashley Wood

    Marketing/Member Services Specialist

    Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

  • Chasity Anderson

    Communications Manager

    Farmers' Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • Genifer Cape

    Community Relations Representative

    Crawford Electric Cooperative

  • Alexandra Shetler

    Member Services & Communications

    Tri-County Electric Cooperative

  • Heather Dietiker

    Communications Specialist

    Black River Electric Cooperative


  • Tina Douglas

    Billing Clerk

    Chimney Rock Public Power

  • Wayne Price


    Nebraska Rural Electric Association

  • Lisa Jacobsen, Vice Chair

    Marketing & Communications Coordinator

    Perennial Public Power District

  • Karen Schlautman

    Marketing and Information Director

    Cornhusker Public Power District

New Jersey

  • Claudia Raffay

    Manager of Marketing & Member Services

    Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative


  • Teri Lease

    Communications Manager

    North Central Electric

  • Duane 'Dee" Renollet

    Safety & Compliance

    Paudling-Putnam Electric Cooperative


  • JuliAnn Graham

    Communications Specialist

    Tri-County Electric Cooperative

  • Tory Tedder-Loffland

    Education & Outreach Coordinator

    Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

  • Stacy Howeth

    Director of Member Services

    Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

  • KorDale Lornes

    Asst. Director of Marketing

    Red River Valley REA

  • Larry Mattes


    Lake Region Electric Cooperative


  • Renee Tritten, CCC

    Communication Specialist

    Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • John Zelewicz
    John Zelewicz

    Consumer Services Representative

    Sullivan County Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.

South Dakota

  • Courtney J. Deinert

    Manager of Communications

    Central Electric Cooperative

  • Shayla Ebsen

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    East River Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.


  • John Spiess

    Senior Member Services Representative

    San Bernard Electric Cooperative

  • Tracy Averitt

    Administrative Assistant

    Fayette Electric Cooperative


  • Beth Alesch

    Marketing & Communications Specialist

    Riverland Energy Cooperative

  • Mary Kay Brevig

    Manager, Communications & Public Relations

    Eau Claire Energy Cooperative

  • Kathleen Josephson

    Marketing Specialist

    Dairyland Power Cooperative

  • Denise Zimmer

    Communications Coordinator/Admin Assist

    Jump River Electric Cooperative

  • Dana Kelroy

    Editor of Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News

    Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association